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Private Party Comedians For Hire!
Comedians For All Budgets!

Are you planning a party and need entertainment? Hiring a comedian is the answer! Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

A celebration always can use more laughter. Whether the party is in a house, a restaurant, or in your back yard we will help you hire a comedian for the occasion!

We book comedians all the time for birthday parties, retirement parties, roasts, graduation parties, family reunions, and more!

We have comedians for everyone’s taste and they can also customize some material around the guest of honor (maybe even a little roast if you want). We understand budget restraints and can work with any budget to book you a comedian. Let us send you some sample videos of comedians for your upcoming event.

Please call our office at (586) 218-8745 to discuss hiring a comedian for your party.


Private Party Comedians from The Comedian Agency – over 1,000 to choose from!

We have comedians for all states:

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​How To Hire A Comedian

Step 1) Find a booking agent with best selection - Check us out

Step 2) Contact the comedian booking agent. You'll need to know: Date of event, location, approximate budget, and a content rating for comedian performance. Your agent will be able to answer any other questions you have.

Step 3) Look over the videos sample clips and choose a comedian. Here is a link of a wide range of comedian sample videos.

Step 4) Sign a contract with The Comedian Agency ( and then set up a phone call with your comedian to discuss event.

Hiring a comedian should be a simple process if you choose The Comedian Agency inc.

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Hire A Comedian For A Private Party

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