Country Club Comedians

At The Comedian Agency we have over 2,000 comedians in our network available to perform at your country club. We book 100’s of country clubs comedian shows (both private and public) along with many golf outings each year.

A comedy night at your country club is a way to bring in old members you haven't seen in awhile and also a great way to bring in potential new members. Who doesn't like to laugh?  Check out our information page to have a comedy night
In general country club comedians are a bit cleaner than traditional nightclub acts and the content is geared for a more refined crowd. You won't see a comedian in jeans and a t-shirt on the stages at your country club! You'll have a funny and sharp dressed act making your comedy show the talk of the members! Check out our clean comedians.

Comedy night info: We have packages from one to three comedian show and the prices vary depending on location, date, etc. We have comedians for every state and most of Canada.

Golf outing info: For a golf outing a comedian is the perfect fit to end the day with some big laughs while everyone has a cold drink and relaxes. The comedian can play in your tournament and make people laugh all day and/or perform after the day of golf while everyone is back at the club house.

Corporate comedian info: Hiring a comedian to perform at a corporate event at your country club is another thing we do well.  Check out our corporate comedian page.

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country club entertainer

country club entertainer

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